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CHADIS’ is the Complete Pre-visit Questionnaire Solution

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CHADIS is a unique screening, decision support, and patient engagement system. With CHADIS, patient questionnaires can be done electronically, before appointments. Practices save time and money by no longer having to manually administer, score, and upload results to the EHR. CHADIS also offers decision support, customized treatment plans, and local and national resources to simplify workflow for providers. Screening tools for children, teens, and adults can be automatically sent to patients and results are returned directly to the patient charts in most integrations or pdf's of results are easily uploaded to EHR.

CHADIS Benefits For Practices & Patients

Improve Office Workflow

  • Online screening saves office staff time – no more paper and manual scoring of the ASQ-3™, M-CHAT-R™, Vanderbilt, and more than 400 other questionnaires.
  • Pre-visit data collection allows the clinician to focus on addressing patient concerns and visit agenda.

Increase Practice Income and Enhance Reputation

  • Increase practice income with developmental and health screening tools eligible for 96110 and 99420 billing to insurance or Medicaid.
  • CHADIS provides documentation generated by the patient verifying visit complexity for higher-level codes.
  • Powering your practice with the best in today’s information technology shows your commitment to evidence-based patient-centered care.

Increase Practice Income and Enhance Reputation

  • CHADIS screening tools and questionnaires fulfill the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations and Bright Futures guidelines for routine care.
  • Evidence-based tools assist providers in accurately identifying problems and providing real-time suggestions for appropriate clinical response.
  • CHADIS enables families to list concerns and goals before the visit improving patient-centered care.

Maintenance of Certification Assistance

  • Earn Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits by using CHADIS for Autism, Developmental Screening, Asthma Care, ADHD Care, and Family Stress Care.
  • Automated data collection and tracking for Quality Improvement (QI) programs.

Practice Level Certification Assistance

  • CHADIS can provide data and reports to help with Meaningful Use criteria, Medical Home, Community Health Needs Assessments and other Federal requirements.

Benefit Highlights

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    Save up to 15-20% on top of an existing EHR contract

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    Rebates earned on all CHADIS subscriptions

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    PBG members receive a 20% discount off the list price if no EHR contract exists

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    Developmental screening can be a new revenue source for your practice

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    Developmental Screening is recommended by the AAP and is geared towards quality healthcare

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