PBG is privileged to provide significant savings for leading inventory tracking software for pharmaceuticals.

Dosetracer – Leading Inventory Tracking Software for Pharmaceuticals

Save up to 20% on leading inventory tracking software for pharmaceuticals

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About DoseTracer™

Since 2010, Custom PC Programming, LLC has been providing inventory and payment tracking solutions to healthcare providers across the country. DoseTracer™ Junior software provides cost saving, solution-based tools & services that enhance and facilitate the delivery of high-quality healthcare. This software helps practices with vaccine programs and others that need to track drugs that are dispensed in the office or clinic.

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What is DoseTracer™ Software?

DoseTracer™ software is a multifunctional solution for inventory and payment tracking of injected/infused drugs or vaccines given in a medical office setting. The software tracks and optimizes drug inventory levels and reports all instances of incorrect billing and reimbursement on a dose-by-dose basis, from incoming delivery to final payment. DoseTracer™ software’s small footprint allows installation on current system hardware and works with most PM and EMR systems. DoseTracer works in a single office and multi-location office setting.

How Does DoseTracer™ Work?

DoseTracer™ streamlines daily scheduling and reduces billing errors as well as help track lot numbers and expiration dates in a very efficient manner by using serialized barcodes. DoseTracer can use 2D barcodes that reflect drug ID information or create serialized barcodes for other products. DoseTracer receives scheduling, billing, and payment information on a daily basis from raw reports generated by your Practice Management system, processes this data, and incorporates the information into customized reports. DoseTracer users scan barcodes of incoming product into the inventory database.

As patients receive injections/infusions throughout the course of the day, the barcodes are scanned and associated with individual patients and recorded in the database. Automatic checks and warnings are incorporated into DoseTracer software that are triggered throughout the process, including expired product alerts, incorrect selections, and more. An unlimited number of products can be tracked as both “no charge” and “private stock.”

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    Powerful and scalable software solution to support and automate managing medical inventory

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