Helping healthcare providers save an average of 20% on their medical waste disposal and compliance training and certification requirements.

Medical Waste Disposal Pickup Service

20% off of your current medical waste disposal pickup service bill

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About MedPro Disposal

MedPro Disposal (MedPro) provides cost-effective alternative for regulated medical waste services, pharmaceutical disposal, and compliance solutions with best in class client service.

MedPro provides regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services for regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals (including both controlled and non-controlled medications).

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Medical Waste Disposal

MedPro provides flexible service frequencies to help ensure practices have the service that fits their needs. Supplies such as biohazard containers and red bags are provided at no charge for each pickup, and the company’s biohazard removal specialists will work with practices to ensure waste is properly stored and packaged for safe transportation.

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HIPAA-Compliance Document Destruction

Healthcare practices are often required to destroy sensitive documents and data securely, and MedPro now has a solution. Whether a one-time purge is needed or recurring, scheduled service, the company provides HIPAA-compliant and environmentally friendly destruction of paper documents and computer hard drives.

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OSHA Compliance Training and HIPAA Certification

Employees who are potentially coming into contact with any infectious material should have the best training possible, including access to OSHA-compliant bloodborne pathogens certification. MedPro’s compliance training program is hosted online, easy to manage and available 24/7.

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Pharmaceutical Disposal

Many practices end up with unused or expired medications. Rather than pour them down the drain to end up in the local water stream, MedPro provides an environmentally safe disposal option for both over-the-counter, as well as DEA regulated/controlled medications.

Benefit Highlights

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    Medical/Biohazard Waste Pickup:

    MedPro will provide PBG members with a discount of 20% (must provide an invoice for waste disposal pick up services to receive the 20% savings). If MedPro cannot provide the full savings for medical waste disposal pick up service, PBG members will receive 6 months of free online OSHA Compliance Training (which is required by law). Note: Contingent upon volume, frequency and location.

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    Data and Document Destruction:

    MedPro will provide PBG members with a $20 credit for their first service event.

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    Sharps Container ( Mailback solution):

    MedPro will provide PBG members with a 10% discount off standard pricing.

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    OSHA/HIPAA Compliance Portal:

    MedPro will provide PBG members with a 10% discount off standard pricing for access to compliance portal.

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    PCI HIPAA (this is a new service that we added over the last year):

    MedPro will provide PBG members a free risk assessment which is required annually by HIPAA. This includes a review with a HIPAA-certified officer to highlight potential areas of risk -$1,200 value for free.

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    20% off MedPro medical waste disposal pick up.

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    MedPro contracts are for 3 years (as opposed to the industry standard 5 year term).

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    MedPro services will not increase more than 5% per year.

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    Rebates are earned on all products and services purchased.

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