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Eliminate up to 100% of Your Biomedical Waste Hauling Costs for only $69/mo

OnSite Waste Technologies aims to reduce your medical waste spend and volume. Through their revolutionary technology, data-driven waste analytics, and personalized transactional pickup program, OnSite is reducing waste and saving money for pediatrics and other practices all over the country. Regardless of your waste type, OnSite customizes their solutions to fit each practice they serve.
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    Stop overpaying for unnecessary pickups with your current hauler

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    Decrease, or eliminate, the need for medical waste storage

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    Improve your bottom line by reducing medical waste in your practice

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    Save money on a transactional pickup program

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    Enjoy ethical pricing structures and flexible contracts

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TE-5000 Technology

The system converts both sharps and red bag waste to non-biohazardous, non-infectious solid waste that can be disposed of as regular trash. The TE-5000 meets or exceeds all EPA, CDC, state and local  guidelines. It is approved or meets requirements for treatments in 48 states. When used properly, the TE-5000 eliminates cradle-to-grave liability.

28”D x 12”W x 14”H
Processing Time
Approx. 3 Hours
Disposal Capacity
1 Gallon
Waste Type
Sharps & Red Bag
How does the TE-5000 work?

The TE-5000 process uses dry heat to sterilize biomedical waste. Sterilization can be defined as a monitored, validated process used to render material free of all forms of viable organisms, including bacterial endospores.
Validation typically requires the process to accomplish a 4 log10 reduction of resistant spores and a 6 log10 reduction of vegetative bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi / yeast / molds and mycobacterium.

TE-5000 Unit
Smarter, Simpler and Safer

Easy to use as 1, 2, 3. Collect your medical waste, process it in the TE-5000, throw it away in the regular trash.

TE-5000 in use
Meet all EPA’s test standard for bacteria-free emissions.

The TE-5000 sends all required documentation for compliance to our cloud-based system.

TE-5000 used in a lab

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